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Find the most recent newsletter here: June 14, 2024 Servant to Servant.


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Presentations from the virtual 2020 Professional Church Workers Conference held on Tuesday, October 6 are available by clicking on the links below.

AM Session
PM Session

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Concordia Plans created a new GUIDE to the Paycheck Protection Program that should answer most of your ministry's questions.

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Learn how Rev. Mathers and Re:Vitality can help your congregation! If you're interested in using this fantastic resource, please email Rev. Mathers at

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As part of the ongoing effort to make the website better serve our District, we request that all schools send us updated photos for use. Please consider sending us the following views:


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The Dominican Republic Lutheran Mission (DRLM) is now 12 years old. Five missions have been planted in Santo Domingo and Santiago, which are the two largest cities, and five more are planned. Two Lutheran schools are functioning alongside those mission churches, with a growing number of students.  


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This summer my husband and I traveled to California to see our oldest grandchild graduate from high school. Like all grandparents, we beamed with pride as her name was called out at the graduation ceremony.

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Why would a 78-year-old want to continue volunteering as Campus Ministry Director? Because I want to help even one student become a Christian this year.

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I have recently been asked what produces a good campus ministry. From my experience two ingredients are essential. They are church members who are very friendly to college students, and Bible studies which teach the Gospel.

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Something that is often encouraged during the annual stewardship drive by most congregations is for the members to look back and reflect over the past year to see how much God has blessed them. After making this assessment, the members are usually asked to consider increasing their giving for the following year accordingly, whenever possible. A goal often suggested is for members to stretch themselves to see if they can become tithers or ten percent givers. The question then becomes how can a church show its members that this is an attainable goal? The answer is simple. Set an example.

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By Augusta R. Mennell

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By Megan Uderian

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By Rev. Derek Mathers

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Meet our Missions - Asian Indian Ministry-Chicago (Bethesda AIMS)

By: Rev. Shadrach Katari, Missionary

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This month’s edition of “Meet our Missions” introduces the Philadelphia Lutheran Ministries (PLM), one of the many missions supported by the English District.

By: Rev Robert Kieselowsky, Executive Director; Pastor: St. John Lutheran Springfield, PA and Logos Lutheran Philadelphia, PA

Post date: 10/12/2017 - 9:30am
This month in our “Meet our Missions” series, we are highlighting Bethany Evangelical Lutheran Church, a mission congregation of the English District of The Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod.

By Rev. Fred Gerlach, Pastor, Bethany Evangelical Lutheran Church

Post date: 09/14/2017 - 9:32am
In this edition of Meet our Missions, read about the student ministry at Lutheran Student Fellowship (LCMS) in Pittsburgh, PA.

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Campus Ministry and Mission at Michigan State University – and beyond

By Rev. Curt Dwyer, Pastor, Martin Luther Chapel

Martin Luther Chapel is in mission to the students, faculty and staff at Michigan State University and to the surrounding communities in the East Lansing area. Martin Luther Chapel serves people at all ages and stages of life, with a special focus on providing college students a place to become part of a worshiping community and serve in meaningful ways during their time on campus.

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Lutheran Early Response Team (LERT)

By Rev. Ted Laesch, Chapel of the Cross – Lutheran, St. Louis, MO

Jesus said, “In the world you will have tribulation…” (John 16:33)

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Interested in Parish Nursing? Four things you need to know! By Sue Neff, RN Parish Nurse

In this blog post, I want to share resources and education opportunities for nurses interested in the Parish Nursing ministry.

Post date: 01/20/2016 - 1:02pm

Today our guest blogger shares a very personal experience on how he has "processed" his life.

By Rev. John Diener, Lifeline Team

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Did you know that the LCMS provides care to our military families in two ways?

First, we provide chaplains to our Armed Forces. God’s good gifts are given to His children who wear our country’s uniform – and their families throughout the world – by military chaplains.